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If you've ever considered leaving the city and buying a home in a gorgeous country setting, then this little rustic-chic house for sale in the Laurentians — just one hour from Montreal — is probably going to be the property that pushes you to do it. 

Not only is it a beautiful property on a lovely 13,000-square- foot wooded lot, but at an asking price of $299,000, it will also cost you less than the average Montreal condo

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You've probably heard that Montreal's real estate market is on fire. But how can you get in on the action? According to Alex Marshall, a local real estate broker, buying a property as an investment for the purpose of renting it out is a great way to go about it.

Marshall, who's part of the Keller Williams Prestige team, sat down with us to explain why and how to purchase an investment property. These types of properties are also known as revenue properties.

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Can you imagine buying a big house near Montreal for under $400,000? It's tough to even rent an apartment right now, let alone buy a condo, as real estate prices continue to climb in Quebec.

But if you expand your search to outside the city, it's amazing what you can get for the average price of a Montreal condo — which is currently $332,230.

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According to a study by Royal LePage on recreational property values in 2021, buying a chalet in Quebec is more expensive than ever before

A perfect storm of low inventory and high demand will cause recreational home prices to increase by 15% in 2021, to an average price of $291,993. Waterfront property and condominium prices are also forecasted to increase. 

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For a cool $1,999,000, you can own a piece of Quebec’s cinematic history.

That's because a gorgeous, custom-built home in Saint-Léonard, featured in some of the province’s most beloved films, including Mambo Italiano and Elvis Gratton II: Miracle à Memphis, not to mention Mafia Inc., is up for sale.

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It seems as though so many of us are looking to invest in Montreal real estate, whether it be right in the city or just a little on the outskirts. 

Half a million dollars might seem like a lot of cash at once, but when it comes to buying property, that sum may not take you as far as you think.

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One of the latest trends in real estate is investing in a Quebec chalet — because who wouldn't want a second home? And if you're on the hunt for one, Bromont, which is located just an hour from Montreal, is an ideal spot for you to get a little country house.

Not only is it a quick drive from home, but it's also an adorable town that'll offer you a certain serenity that you can't find in the city.

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Health Canada has issued a recall on two styles of candle holders sold at Urban Outfitters in Canada, citing the potential for a fire hazard that could cause injuries and property damage.

The joint recall was publicly issued on December 23 with URBN Canada Retail Inc., which owns brands including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People. 

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Agrikol, one of Montreal's favourite Haitian food spots, announced on December 19 that it would be joining a number of other local restaurants in closing its doors for the foreseeable future.

Montreal real-estate group Duque Simms has listed Agrikol's charming former location in Ville-Marie — and it's for sale for a cool $1.35 million. 

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If you dream of moving to the Plateau Mont-Royal, you might not find anything more special than this Montreal property for sale.

The primary structure is a lovely Victorian-style duplex with a view of the popular Parc La Fontaine right across the street.

But the real treasures are hiding in the back.

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On Monday, October 12, three Montreal men placed a series of calls to the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) reporting a possible abduction in a car. After further investigation by police, it was deemed that three calls were connected and that there was no kidnapping.

The calls turned out to be a hoax about "mock abductions."

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If you've spent any time in Montreal's Old Port, you've probably walked along Rue St-Paul Est, located directly across from Marché Bonsecours. The street is lined with galleries, restaurants, inns and shops that boast gorgeous historic-looking exteriors. But did you know inside one of those buildings — atop a storefront and restaurant — is a mansion that looks like a hidden palace that was frozen in time?

It's true.

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