Quebecers Will Soon Need To Show A COVID-19 Test At The Border When Driving Back To Canada

Another travel measure for Canadians.
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U.S.–Canada Border: Travellers Will Need To Show A COVID-19 Test When Entering Canada

If you're planning on coming into Quebec via the U.S.-Canada border anytime soon, you better schedule a COVID-19 test.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that as of February 15, anyone travelling into the country via a land border will need to show a 72-hour PCR test.

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When you return to Canada through a land border, you will need to show a 72-hour PCR test.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The new measure is in line with the requirement already in place for non-essential air travellers returning to Canada.

Remember that you'll also need to undergo a mandatory COVID-19 test at the airport if you're coming into the province on an international flight. International air travellers will also need to stay in a hotel until they receive their results.

In other news, the prime minister guaranteed that "tens of millions" of vaccine doses will be delivered "into the spring."

Several other vaccine candidates are also "in the approval process." 

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