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Valérie Plante's Husband Left A Tag On His Election Night Blazer & It's Too Relatable

We need to know what happened here.

Valérie Plante's Husband Left A Tag On His Election Night Blazer & It's Too Relatable

Election night 2021. Winners: Valérie Plante, keen-eyed Twitter users, schadenfreude, gender equality. Losers: Denis Coderre, Valérie Plante's husband's blazer.

While the Montreal mayor made headlines with her historic second mandate, it was an unfortunate — and extremely relatable — snapshot of her husband, Pierre-Antoine Harvey, that caught the attention of at least a few members of the Twitterverse.

As Harvey joined Plante onstage and waved to the crowd, a barely-perceptible flash of green and white appeared to be hanging from the inner seam of his left blazer sleeve.

Upon closer inspection of the Montreal first gentleman's armpit, it appears he left the pricetag on his election night blazer.

One highly-circulated tweet identified the tag as the mark of Quebec-based retailer Simons. However, MTL Blog was not able to confirm the origin of the blue sport coat.

In any case, the charming moment of human error offered a rare, tantalizing glimpse into Harvey's character. The imagination runs wild with backstory possibilities.

Did he forget to remove the tag after some last-minute shopping? Did he indulge a pesky penchant for penny pinching and count down the seconds until he could whisk his indulgent purchase back to the Simons returns desk? Or did he leave the tag as an Easter egg for eager bloggers?

MTL Blog reached out to Projet Montréal to get to the bottom of the mystery, but oddly, this pressing issue does not seem to be a priority for the governing party.

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