Valérie Plante Unveiled Montreal's Executive Committee & It's Actually Not All White People This Time

Women make up the majority of the committee.

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Valérie Plante Unveiled Montreal's Executive Committee & It's Actually Not All White People This Time

Newly re-elected Mayor Valérie Plante unveiled Montreal's executive committee at an event at the Marché Bonsecours on Wednesday morning. The mayor proudly introduced a more diverse executive committee full of both new and former committee members.

It's headed by Dominique Ollivier, reportedly the first Black person to serve as a Montreal executive committee president.

"The next four years will determine the future of our metropolis," the mayor declared Wednesday.

"Our committee will work every day for Montrealers. [...] We will continue to work hard with our partners in the provincial and federal governments, as well."

The mayor also highlighted that her new committee is made up predominantly of women.

Teddy Elliot | MTL Blog

In 2017, the mayor was criticized for announcing an all-white executive team.

"I remember that I said, 'We will do better next time.' In 2017, we had a lot of diverse candidates but weren't able to get them elected," the mayor said of the lack of diversity at the beginning of her first mandate.

She said that this time her party put in the "time and effort" to support candidates from diverse backgrounds. She spoke of needing to build trust with the community and with her candidates in order to pull it off.

"Did I get pressure from the outside? Yes, but it's good pressure," she said.

"In Montreal, there has to be a diverse representation and it was the right thing to do."

Here are the members of the executive committee:

  • Valérie Plante: mayor, responsible for international relations, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, downtown revival and international economic development.
  • Dominique Ollivier: president of the executive committee, responsible for finance, human resources, government relations, the fight against racism and systemic discrimination, and the French language.
  • Benoit Dorais: vice-chair of the executive committee, responsible for housing, real estate strategy and legal affairs.
  • Alex Norris: majority leader.
  • Ericka Alneus: responsible for culture and heritage.
  • Robert Beaudry: responsible for urban planning, citizen participation and democracy, large parks, Mount Royal, sports and recreation, Espace pour la vie, and Parc Jean-Drapeau.
  • Josefina Blanco: responsible for diversity, social inclusion, homelessness and universal accessibility.
  • Éric Alan Caldwell: chairman of the Board of Directors of the STM.
  • Marie-Andrée Mauger: responsible for the ecological transition and the environment.
  • Sophie Mauzerolle: responsible for transport and mobility.
  • Magda Popeanu: responsible for organizational performance.
  • Luc Rabouin: responsible for economic and commercial development, knowledge, innovation and design.
  • Émilie Thuillier: responsible for infrastructure, buildings and asset maintenance.
  • Alain Vaillancourt: responsible for public safety and security.
  • Maja Vodanovic: responsible for consultation with the boroughs and water.
  • Alia Hassan-Cournol: associate councillor to the mayor and to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
  • Marianne Giguère: associate councillor for active transportation.
  • Despina Sourias: associate councillor for women, diversity, youth and seniors.
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