Vanessa Grimaldi Reveals What She's Really Like Beyond Social Media

This local teacher-turned-reality-TV-star is an inspiration for all Montrealers.
Vanessa Grimaldi Reveals What She's Really Like Beyond Social Media

Vanessa Grimaldi is a local personality who's so much more than just her social media page. This teacher-turned-reality-TV-star is the founder of No Better You, a non-profit that aims to build sensory rooms in Montreal-area schools. 

To date, No Better You has raised over $125,000.

In 2018, the organization donated $60K to the EMSB to help local schools build sensory rooms.

This year, Grimaldi and her team decided to put $10K towards creating at-home Sensory Kits and donating them directly to families in the greater Montreal area and Kahnawake.

Vanessa is filled with kindness, ambition and passion.

During our interview with Grimaldi, we learned a lot more about both No Better You and who she is outside of social media

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What made you decide to go from teaching special education to starting No Better You?

As a special education teacher, I realized there were a lot of sensory items and educational tools that were needed to successfully teach students.

Due to a lack of funding, teachers often find themselves purchasing what's needed out of their own pockets.

The idea behind No Better You is to help alleviate that stress for both teachers and students and create a safe space where students at all levels can not only learn but thrive!

When I was younger, I always wanted to give back. I knew I would love to create a non-profit of my own some day, but didn't know how to go about doing it, so I sponsored a little girl from Cambodia for 6 years through World Vision.

Years later, my dream of starting my own non-profit came true!

What's it like getting engaged and planning a wedding during a pandemic?

COVID taught me to go back to basics.

To enjoy the little moments with friends and family and not take my health or that of those I love for granted. Getting engaged during the pandemic brought Josh and I, and our families much needed joy.

Unfortunately, with the health regulations that are constantly changing, it's difficult to say when we will get married. We haven't picked a date, but I hope to get married in 2021!

What would you want our readers to know about you that they wouldn't be able to guess from your online persona?

I have an extremely goofy side to me. But it's not easy to capture those in the moment.

I am also very sensitive, that's why we should try not to judge or compare ourselves to others.

What you see on TV, in magazines and in social media is a glimpse into someone's life, but rarely the full picture.

You see what they want you to see and nothing else!

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