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We Spoke To 4 Women Who Work At National Bank & Their Stories Are So Inspiring

When it comes to your career, there's a world of possibilities.

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We Spoke To 4 Women Who Work At National Bank & Their Stories Are So Inspiring

Now more than ever, companies want to contribute to the well-being of their employees by listening to them and creating work environments that are both stimulating and inclusive.

National Bank gets this, which is why it provides a people-centric experience where employees are able to develop skills in a range of areas.

Wouldn't you love to have a job where you can grow and have a positive impact every day?

Right now, National Bank has positions available at its call centres in Montreal and Sherbrooke that offer an open and inclusive work environment for you to live out your ambitions.

Many women have decided to build their careers at National Bank, recognizing it as a place where they would be able to grow.

A Job Full Of Opportunities

Sonia is a leader with the talent development and quality assurance team, and she knows a thing or two about this. Almost by chance, she landed a job with the financial institution in 2010, and now she thinks she may never leave!

"Over the past 12 years, I've never felt like I could have had a different career path or that I was treated differently because I'm a woman," Sonia told Narcity.

Right away, she realized that she could learn new skills through the many opportunities the National Bank offers. All she had to do was choose which direction to take.

"From that moment, I took every chance I could to learn in different settings to maximize my potential," she added.

SoniaCourtesy of National Bank

A lot of women choose to climb the corporate ladder once they realize that they can achieve their full potential in National Bank's dynamic and authentic work environment.

A Company That Invests In Its Employees

Seam, a leader in learning, talent development and quality assurance, has worked for National Bank for over 15 years. In that time, what started as a temporary job has transformed into a brilliant career.

She started out as a personal insurance agent at the National Bank General Insurance call centre.

"I received fully paid training along with 20 colleagues who were a lot of fun to work with," Seam told Narcity.

"The trainers passed on their knowledge and expertise to us with passion, kindness and a sense of humour. After that, I started working in customer service. All in all, I worked at that call centre for over a decade."

Seam continued to develop and took on a new role in a different department.

"I was able to grow in different roles, which allowed me to showcase my skills and passion for [...] [customer service], my commitment to the Bank, my ability to work well as part of a team, my technical skills and my willingness to share what I had learned with anyone who'd listen."

SeamCourtesy of National Bank

Seam's career-development plan turned out to be an asset. By communicating her interests and vision to her managers, she was able to take advantage of some amazing opportunities.

Structured Support To Help You Grow Your Career

National Bank provides employees with plenty of tools to evolve in their roles, including development plans that are tailored to the interests, ambitions and goals of each employee.

Having a plan like this in place makes it possible for managers to speak with employees about how to structure their professional growth.

At the same time, career success for women doesn't have to be climbing the corporate ranks. Some women are fulfilled and thriving in their existing roles, while others prefer to acquire new skills and get experiences that they can transfer to other positions.

"Development doesn't necessarily mean reaching a higher level or having responsibilities that relate to a specific position. There are real opportunities for growth in every position — you just have to go for it," said Sonia.

At National Bank, managers are there precisely to help employees develop their careers without limitations.

Tools To Help You Succeed

"As a woman, I looked up to and was inspired by all the female leaders in the company," said Carmen, a manager in National Bank’s finance sector.

Carmen felt right at home from the moment she started at National Bank. She met exceptional colleagues and managers who believed in her and who have supported her throughout her career.

Plus, she was able to acquire skills that she could use in both her professional and personal life.

"The experience I gained in each of my positions helped prepare me for my current role and, most importantly, it helped me better understand the realities and needs of my employees and clients," Carmen told Narcity.

"All the skills I've acquired have also helped me on a personal level. For example, I learned how to better manage my own finances."

CarmenCourtesy of National Bank

Carmen always knew she wanted to work for National Bank, a company that values inclusion and diversity, and listens to its clients and employees. Over seven years, she's been able to evolve within this renowned financial institution that has a solid reputation in the job market.

"National Bank is known for being inclusive and for supporting and recognizing its employees. But it's especially known for its leaders, who work closely with their employees and embody National Bank's values and vision," she said.

"People are the heart of the Customer Experience Centre. The [support], guidance, advice and coaching I received from all my former and current bosses and colleagues [...] have had a major impact on my career."

Carmen also mentioned that she truly appreciates all the competitive employee benefits offered by National Bank, including a wellness account that employees can customize according to their needs.

A Whole Range Of Development Opportunities

M'Mah, a leader in talent development and quality assurance in the Commercial Banking sector, agrees. According to her, National Bank sets itself apart by how it values people.

"Employee wellness is a company priority. Managers always work closely with their employees and show them they care," said M'Mah.

M'Mah started with National Bank as a section manager in the Customer Experience Centre in 2018. Just two years later, she switched positions to take on a new challenge that was aligned with her ambitions. Nothing will break M'Mah's stride when it comes to her career goals.

"It's super important to develop your career development plan and just to be curious [to] learn more about the areas you have a particular interest in."

M'MahCourtesy of National Bank

The stimulating environment of a National Bank call centre has the power to help you achieve your goals and pursue what interests you.

Thanks to the support from managers and colleagues, as well as access to a variety of tools, every woman can take charge of her own career and live out her ambitions.

Ready to join the team? Apply now and get started at the job of your dreams.

To learn more about career opportunities with National Bank, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.