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8 Reasons Why Working In A Call Centre Might Be More Interesting Than You Think

The best way to fulfill your ambitions.

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8 Reasons Why Working In A Call Centre Might Be More Interesting Than You Think

If you have communication and customer service skills, and you're looking for a new and exciting job with great conditions, then you may want to check out the job postings at the National Bank.

One of Canada's top six banks (and the biggest in Quebec), National Bank is looking for people to help and support customers through its client contact centres. If you're an attentive listener, an expert problem solver, are bilingual and love learning new things, this could be the job for you.

National Bank's mission is to cultivate a people-centric, inclusive and stimulating environment for its employees, offering them the chance to grow and advance within the organization.

Haven't thought about working in a call centre before? There are a lot of benefits to call centre jobs (nice wages and advancement opportunities are just the beginning), and it could be exactly what you need if you're ready to move ahead in your career.

Have A Positive Impact

Every day is different at National Bank, where you'll be key in helping clients find simple, secure and customized solutions to all sorts of situations.

You'll play an important role in bringing customers' projects to life, and their gratitude is a reminder of the active contribution you made in supporting them to achieve their goals.

National Bank operates all across the country, which means you could have a positive impact on the lives of millions of Canadians, whether by phone or email.

Learn Something New Every Day

Courtesy of National Bank of Canada

To reflect the changing nature of call centre jobs and recognize its employees' expertise, National Bank has recently renamed its call centre the "Customer Experience Centre."

Agents regularly find themselves in situations where they can let their financial prowess shine when giving clients advice. This is why employees are encouraged to develop both their customer service skills and their banking knowledge.

Proud of its agents' commitment and growth, the National Bank pays attention to what the Customer Experience Centre team members need and ensures that they're happy in their roles by changing workplace practices based on employee feedback.

Work In An Inclusive & Diverse Work Environment

Pexels | Yan Krukov

National Bank firmly believes that a company that embraces diversity and values inclusivity is a strong and innovative one, which is why it launched a plan to create an open and welcoming culture for all.

National Bank is committed to adapting to the realities of its employees and strives to maintain its reputation as a people-centred institution, with well-being and teamwork as two of the bank's core values.

Career Development & Advancement Opportunities

There are many jobs available at National Bank, including as a call centre agent. Because there are different customer experience centres, each with its own specialty, you'll have the chance to help customers with all sorts of issues and expand your own knowledge and skill base at the same time.

You'd be providing customer service to people from a variety of backgrounds and in all sorts of locations, making no two days on the job the same.

Whether you're interested in investment, credit, insurance, brokerage or all of the above, there are plenty of opportunities to learn.

The Perfect Balance Between Technology & Human Interaction

Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

If you have a passion for both tech and helping people, a job at National Bank allows you to explore both.

Technology is an integral part of the job. You'll be using mobile apps and online services daily to communicate with clients and turn their issues into solutions.

By listening to your client's needs and using your knowledge of the digital tools and tricks available, you can become an expert in customer service and a tech wizard at the same time.

Great Working Conditions

Courtesy of National Bank of Canada

National Bank offers a variety of financial benefits. As a call centre agent, you'll start at $21 an hour with two guaranteed raises in your first year, six weeks of paid training, and opportunities for evening and weekend bonuses.

National Bank also offers flexible schedules, so you can work part time or full time, up to a maximum of 37.5 hours per week.

There are a few different places where you can work from too. For example, if you're a city dweller, you can work from National Bank's convenient downtown location near the Square-Victoria-OACI station.

If you're a student looking for a job, National Bank also offers tuition reimbursements. The company respects your school schedule and cares about your ability to strike a good work-study balance.

Save For Your Future

Pexels | Mikhail Nilov

In addition to competitive wages, National Bank also offers exclusive programs to help its employees save and plan for retirement.

Team members get vacation leave in their first year of employment and have access to a great health and wellness program, flexible group insurance plan and pension plan.

Telehealth services and a share-acquisition plan are also available to all employees.

They're Looking For A Wide Variety Of Applicants

Pexels | Emmy E

Jobs at National Bank are open to people from all sorts of backgrounds. Whether you're a student looking for a career change or you're semi-retired, there's a job for you.

All you need is a high-school diploma, the ability to speak both French and English fluently, a dynamic personality and the willingness to learn and grow.

Sounds good? To apply, head to National Bank's website, create your applicant profile and fill out a questionnaire about your skills and interests. Your profile will remain active for two years, and you can update your information anytime you want.

After you apply, you'll receive an email confirming that the team received your application. All that's left to do is cross your fingers and wait for the next step!

To learn more about the call centre jobs, check out National Bank's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.