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What's Open & Closed In Montreal For National Patriots' Day

Don't forget to feed your parking meter. 🅿️

​People sit on park benches under trees bursting with bright pink flowers.

People sit on park benches under trees bursting with bright pink flowers.

National Patriots' Day is a Quebec statutory holiday that honours an 1837 rebellion against British rule. It coincidentally falls on Victoria Day, a holiday in the rest of the country that celebrates the birth of British Queen Victoria who assumed the throne in… 1837.

Here's what will be open and closed for the holiday Monday.

Municipal Services

Garbage and recycling pickups will stay on schedule in most boroughs. Ecocentres will remain open.

Municipal offices and banks will be shut. So will the Municipal Courthouse.

Canada Post offices will be closed, which means no mail delivery.

The 311 phone line will remain in operation.

Parking meters will continue to operate as normal.


STM buses are running on a holiday schedule, which means you should look up the specific times for your route before heading out.

Some Exo trains like the one to Vaudreuil-Hudson will operate on a Sunday schedule, while the Saint-Jérôme line will run on a weekend schedule. The lines to Saint-Hilaire, Mascouche and Candiac will have no service. Trains will return to a normal schedule on Tuesday.

Most Exo buses will be running on a Saturday schedule. The Longueuil and Laval bus systems, along with adapted transit, will run on a Saturday schedule.


SAQ and SQDC outlets will remain open. Shopping malls will mostly be open regular hours. Public markets, like the Jean-Talon Market, will be open until 6 p.m. Atwater Market will stay open until 5 p.m.


The Biodôme, Botanical Garden and Insectarium, Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, and Biosphère will all stay open. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is shut. City-run libraries, swimming pools and sports centres will also be closed.

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