Montreal Was Just Ranked The #12 Least Stressful City In The World

Toronto and Vancouver are way down the list.
Montreal Was Just Ranked The #12 Least Stressful City In The World
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With our lazy Tam-Tam Sundays, calming Nordic spas and a relaxed attitude toward work, Montreal is undeniably chill.

But now VAAY, a Berlin-based cannabis company, has funded a study quantifying just how chill.

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Out of 100 major global cities, Montreal was ranked the 12th least stressful in the Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021.

The index came to this conclusion based on a number of systemic and environmental factors including safety, equity, socio-political stability, unemployment, population density, pollution, the weather and others.

Reykjavik, Iceland; Bern, Switzerland; Helsinki, Finland; Wellington, New Zealand; and Melbourne, Australia were ranked the five least stressful cities in the world.

Vancouver and Toronto came in 29th and 30th, respectively. 

The five most stressful were, from least to most, Kabul, Afghanistan; Baghdad, Iraq; New Delhi, India; Manila, Philippines; Lagos, Nigeria; and Mumbai, India.

Montreal Was Ranked The 9th Best City In The World To Work From Home

Toronto came close but it missed out on the top 10.

Since the pandemic has forced a lot of us to abandon our commutes and offices, a new study from Nestpick took a look at which are the best cities around the world to work from home. And our lovely city, Montreal, has ranked in the top 10 cities around the world. 

Montreal ranked ninth overall and had good scores on all the study's metrics including healthcare, equality, the standard of living, and availability of housing. 

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Montreal is the third most expensive city in Canada for expats, according to a new ranking.

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Montreal has dropped by 19 points in The Economist's latest Global Liveability Index.

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A new study conducted by Oberlo looked at 200 metropolises around the world and found "the top 75 global cities based on factors which reflected their innovation, economic strength and entrepreneurial spirit." Montreal ranked in the top three in Canada.

The city made it to the top 40 best cities in the world for entrepreneurs, ranking #36 globally.

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