Young Quebecers Don't Think They're At Risk Of Getting Very Sick With COVID-19, Poll Shows

Only 27% are wearing a mask in public.
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Young People In Quebec Don't Think They're At Risk Of Getting Very Sick With COVID-19

A shocking new survey reveals that young Quebecers aged 18 to 34 generally aren't worried about getting really sick from coronavirus. The survey, presented by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), shows that Quebec's COVID-19 concern is split drastically amongst age groups. Overall, 87% of Quebecers aged 18 to 34 don't consider themselves at risk of "developing severe complications from COVID-19," while 96% of people over 70 do consider themselves at risk. 

It appears that the younger people are, the less they consider themselves at risk.

Looking at all age groups, only 29% of Quebecers are concerned about "severe complications" while 70% aren't worried.

The survey tracked the behaviours of Quebecers from all age groups during the first 100 days of the pandemic.

The results indicate that while Quebecers generally respect the recommended health rules, wearing a mask is the least followed. 

"The message is clear. We must continue our efforts to protect our neighbours, our friends, and our families,” said Dr. Abdo Shabah, an emergency physician and CMA board member.

"The reality today is that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and we must use every possible measure to avoid a second wave that could be even more devastating than the first." 

Though not being worried about getting coronavirus, 82% of young Quebecers believe that a second wave is going to happen. 

Overall, across all age groups, 74% believe that a second wave is just around the corner while 52% believe that it'll be more aggressive than the first.

Despite that, it seems that young Quebecers contradict their own concerns about a second wave by being the age group that respects health regulations the least.

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Among Quebecers aged 18-34: 

  • 77% have purchased a mask

  • 27% wear masks in public 

  • 61% respect social distancing

  • 85% wash their hands frequently

The only area where young Quebecers lead is in "respiratory etiquette measures" like coughing into the elbow.

96% of people aged 18 to 34 practice this etiquette, compared to 90% of people aged 70 and older.

With everything about to reopen in Quebec, even National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda has said he's "convinced" a second wave is coming.

We'll have to wait and see whether the rapid reopening has an effect on Quebecers' perception of public health recommendations.

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