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Ontario Just Passed A Bill To Stop The Clock Change & Is Waiting For Quebec To Do The Same

There's momentum!
Ontario Just Passed A Bill To Stop The Clock Change & Is Waiting For Quebec To Do The Same

With the late-afternoon darkness seeming more gloomy than ever, the Ontario Legislative Assembly has just passed a bill to stop the clock change for good, and now the province is waiting on Quebec to do the same.

According to a statement shared with MTL Blog, Bill 214, the Time Amendment Act, "will enable the Attorney General of Ontario to end bi-annual clock changes and move Ontario permanently to daylight time."

But it's contingent on Quebec and the state of New York coming along with it.

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I look forward now to reaching out to counterparts in Quebec and New York to get them on board this exciting initiative.

MPP Jeremy Roberts

"Past proposals to end the time change have been met with resistance given that there would be logistical difficulties making this change without Quebec and New York also following suit," the statement reads.

"This bill addresses these issues by ensuring that the Attorney General has discretion in when they will implement this change."

Quebec Premier François Legault has said he's "open" to evaluating whether to make the permanent move to daylight time.

He also told the media his government is "looking at the different scenarios" when it comes to the twice-yearly time change.

Though he made clear at the time that "so far" there was no immediate expectation that a time change is in store.

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