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P.K. Subban Announced His Retirement From The NHL

"I remember my dreams of playing in the NHL and winning a Stanley Cup [...] I still dream about it."

P.K. Subban.

P.K. Subban.

P.K. Subban, formerly of the Montreal Canadiens and more recently of the New Jersey Devils, took to social media Tuesday to announce his retirement from the NHL.

"I remember my dreams of playing in the NHL and winning a Stanley Cup, similar to the guys on the Don Cherry Rock'em Sock'em tapes at the end of every volume, with the black eyes, broken bones, and tears of joy. To this day, I still dream about it," Subban wrote in the post.

"However, the end of this chapter is closing and after 13 years in the NHL, I have made the decision to retire."

"I never looked at myself or ever felt I was 'just a hockey player,' he continued, "I always looked at myself as a person who happened to play hockey. Having that perspective allowed me to enjoy every shift like it was my last, celebrate every goal with emotion, and play every game as if someone paid to watch me play who had never seen me play before."

He expressed his gratitude to fans, his parents, the NHL and his three former teams, the Canadiens, Devils and the Nashville Predators.

He also hinted at projects to come.

"I look forward to the road ahead, and the many exciting opportunities to come. I’m excited to share what those are with you all when the time comes!"

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