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Brendan Gallagher & His Girlfriend's 1-Year Anniversary Pic Proves They Are Couple Goals

Could they BE any cuter?

Brendan Gallagher and his girlfriend, Emma Fortin.

Brendan Gallagher and his girlfriend, Emma Fortin.

Earlier this year, Montreal Canadiens superstar Brendan Gallagher sparked dating rumours after posting a photo of him and his new boo, Emma Fortin. The number 11 right-winger has been quiet when it comes to his love life. However, this time around, Gallagher is shouting his love from the rooftops.

The Habs star posted an adorable photo of himself and Emma on Instagram celebrating their one-year anniversary. Turns out those dating rumours were true after all, eh? "Happy 1 year my human," he wrote.

The duo shared a special night at Montreal's trendy Le Club Chasse et Pêche where they can be seen posing side by side in all-black ensembles. Emma Fortin also shared a few posts on her Instagram stories highlighting their romantic dinner, which consisted of drinks, oysters and a mouth-watering lamb chop dish.

After going public with their relationship back in January, Brendan and Emma have since expanded their family...with a dog. This past summer, the couple welcomed home their very own pup named Skye. "Welcome home Skye," Emma posted on her Instagram account of the two posing with their adorable pooch.

Despite celebrating a year together, it seems as if Emma wasn't in attendance at the recent Montreal Canadiens wives and girlfriends night out last week in celebration of Shannon and Jake Allen (Habs goaltender) welcoming their third child together.

Carey Price's wife, Angela Price, shared a photo of the ladies posing all together at Bazart in Montreal's Griffintown neighbourhood. However, it doesn't appear Emma was present.

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