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Masks Will Be Mandatory In Quebec CEGEPs & Universities This Fall — Even In Classrooms

Legault announced stricter updates to the back-to-school plan.

Masks Will Be Mandatory In Quebec CEGEPs & Universities This Fall — Even In Classrooms

With just a couple of weeks to go before students head back to school, the government is tightening COVID-19 measures for Quebec students. For the start of the 2021 school year, students at the province's CEGEPs and universities will be required to wear masks — even in classrooms.

Although it was announced on August 6 that students would not be required to wear masks while in class or in the library, this was subject to change and the current situation appears to have forced a stricter update.

"The CEGEPs and universities, well, there are students who come from all regions of Quebec, and then there are even students who come from abroad," said Premier François Legault in a press conference on August 17.

"So, we can already tell you today that, for the start of the school year in CEGEPs and universities, masks will be mandatory not only in common areas, but even in the classroom."

Legault said public health will make a recommendation about masks for primary and secondary school classrooms, as well as daycares, in the coming days. He said it's possible that the recommendations will differ from one region to another.

"I want to be very clear. If public health makes the recommendation to have masks in primary and secondary classrooms and in daycare, we will do it. There's no question of taking any chances," Premier Legault said.

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