Quebec Released Its Back-To-School Plan & It Calls For A Return To (Almost) Normal

Officials want to get rid of mask-wearing for students.
Quebec Released Its Back-To-School Plan

On Wednesday morning, Quebec Education Minister Jean-François Roberge and the Minister for Education and Minister responsible for the Status of Women Isabelle Charest announced the province's back-to-school plan for this year. Officials are aiming for the "most normal possible start to the school year for students and staff."

"Our hope is that from day one, everything will be in place for students to return to their school as they knew it," Roberge said in a press release.

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The plan will "take into account the fact that at the start of the school year, 75% of the population aged 12 and over will be vaccinated and that a majority of pupils aged 12 to 17 will have received two doses."

It calls for:

  • the end of mask-wearing for "pre-school, primary, secondary, general adult education and vocational training students"

  • "the end of [...] stable class groups"

  • "the return of full-time attendance in educational services

  • "additional support measures for vulnerable students or those who are lagging behind

  • "a return to extracurricular activities

  • "a return to normal school transportation and the use of cafeterias and lunchrooms"

  • the "maintenance of cleaning and disinfection measures by maintenance workers, especially for frequently touched surfaces"

  • the "maintenance of hand hygiene routines for students and staff, as recommended by the CNESST

  • the "continued assessment of symptomatic children and their possible exclusion."

The government will review the plan in August and make any changes if necessary.

"I am convinced that this excellent news will contribute to the maintenance of good mental health in all students," said Charest.