Quebec Driver’s License & Registration Fees Went Up In 2023  — Here’s How Much You’ll Pay

Quebec drivers are still entitled to a major discount.

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A lot of cars on a Quebec highway forming traffic. Right: The exterior of a SAAQ.

A lot of cars on a Quebec highway forming traffic. Right: The exterior of a SAAQ.

Quebec drivers are going to have to dish out a little more this year for driver's license and registration costs, with the government announcing fee increases.

Don't fret too much: the driver's license fee will only set you back a few cents more. Although the Quebec government implemented a two-year "vacation" on the insurance component of your annual license payment to the SAAQ, the rates for the remainder have gone up.

However, license plates have seen a larger increase in cost, depending on the type of vehicle you have.

Here are the 2023 SAAQ rates so you can better prepare and budget yourself.

How much is a Quebec's driver's license in 2023?

As mentioned, Quebec driver's license holders will continue to benefit from the "insurance contribution vacation," which includes the cost of insurance taxes, too. The provincial government implemented the discount back in 2022 thanks to a $1.158 billion surplus generated by the SAAQ.

In 2022, a driver's license for all classes costs $24. As for 2023, the price is being increased to $24.75. Prior to the "vacation" the average cost for a Quebec driver's license was around $90.

Note that these prices apply to those who do not have a demerit point on their record.

How much will it cost to register a vehicle in Quebec in 2023? 

The cost to register a passenger vehicle is set to increase from $224.64 to $232.74 for motorists outside of the city of Montreal. For vehicle owners on the Island of Montreal, an additional $45 is mandatory for public transit contribution. So, the total for registration of a vehicle in Montreal is $277.74.

As for motorcyclists, the fees have also gone up. For example, the cost of registering a high-risk motorcycle will now be $1,818.01, which is an increase of over $100.

For scooters and mopeds, the total cost for a plate will increase from $280.90 to $297.42.

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