Quebec Announced New Rule Relaxations For Bars & Festivals

You'll soon be able to order alcohol at bars even later!

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Quebec Festival Rules Are Changing August 1

The province is preparing to loosen up even more regulations shortly. On July 26, François Legault announced the upcoming changes to Quebec festival rules, among other news for bars and events.

As of August 1, outdoor festivals in Quebec will be allowed a maximum of 15,000 people, which is 10,000 more than what is currently permitted, and indoor events at large stadiums or halls will be allowed to host a maximum of 7,500 people. Both should have independent sections that fit 500 people in each.

The new regulations for Quebec bars and microbreweries allow alcohol to be served until 1 a.m. rather than 12 a.m. starting August 1. They will still be obligated to close by 2 a.m. though.

And lastly, a press release about the new rules specified updated capacities for "events where people remain seated in specific places, including amateur sports and leisure events with bleachers or stands [...] assemblies, meetings, conventions or ceremonies, including in places of worship." For outdoor events, 500 people will now be able to attend whereas 250 will be allowed in indoor ones.

The government made sure to remind everyone that social distancing measures will continue to be mandatory in these spaces and individuals must keep wearing masks while indoors, especially while walking around.

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer