Quebec IKEAs Are Hosting Their First-Ever 'IKEA Festival'

There will be special events, workshops and $20 discounts for IKEA Family members.

Quebec IKEAs Are Hosting Their First-Ever 'IKEA Festivals'

IKEA's first-ever festival is set to launch this month across the world and Quebec's three IKEA stores are participating.

The event promises to bring "limited capacity, interactive, in-store activities," including "creative spaces where visitors can learn art techniques," workshops with organization and design tips, as well as tips to take care of IKEA products.

Events at the Montreal, Boucherville and Quebec City IKEA locations include a "behind the scenes" activity where visitors will learn how IKEA designers plan the store's iconic sample rooms, a painting night, lessons on extending product life, and a workshop with a nutrition expert — almost all of which are sold out.

But the festival will also feature a number of online events, like additional workshops, concerts and "home visits and home makeover inspiration from individuals and interior designers across the globe."

As of the time of writing, there are thousands of open spots for an online bedroom design workshop.

IKEA Family plan members will also be able to claim a $20 rebate on purchases of $100 or more for the event.

The IKEA Festival is on from September 16 and ends September 19. Registration for events is online.