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Video Shows A Massive Line At IKEA Boucherville On Friday & It Doesn't Seem Like A One-Off

The wait time was one hour.
Video Shows A Massive Line At IKEA Boucherville On Friday & It Doesn't Seem Like A One-Off

The lineup at IKEA in Boucherville near Montreal wrapped around the parking lot on April 2 as some Quebecers waited an hour to get into the store.

Carl Beaulieu, who posted photos and videos of the experience on Facebook, told MTL Blog he waited for an hour because "our wardrobe broke in our basement. We only have weekends to [do] shopping."

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It doesn't appear to be the only time this has happened at a Montreal-area IKEA in recent weeks.

A tweet by @PascalProfessor from March 7 reads, "Subzero temperatures; before 10am, the giant #Montreal #IKEA has it’s humongus parking already full and a thick and tight line up going around the building to the back." 

IKEA also added a note to its Quebec websites stating, "Please note that waiting in line does not guarantee entry to the store." 

IKEA responds

Lisa Huie, public relations leader for IKEA Canada, told us IKEA Montreal and IKEA Boucherville are operating at 25% capacity compared to regular store occupancy limits.

This can lead to more frequent line-ups. Plus, since Huie said IKEA ensures customers in line follow physical distancing protocols, this can cause lines to appear even longer.

"Our co-workers and additional security actively monitor the line," she said. 

Huie recommended that people consider shopping online when possible and reminded customers that IKEA offers options for contactless Curbside Click & Collect pick-up at the store or at-home delivery. 

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