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The Mini IKEA North Of Montreal That Doesn't Actually Sell Stuff Shared Its Opening Date

It's coming VERY soon!

IKEA Design Studio.

IKEA Design Studio.

Who doesn't love IKEA, right? Whether you're looking to renovate your home, pick up some necessities after moving, or just wanna get your Swedish meatballs fix, you really can't go wrong with a visit to the Swedish retailer.

Well, a brand-new IKEA north of Montreal, in Boisbriand to be exact, is officially arriving, and it's smaller than you'd think. While this sounds exciting, the mini IKEA won't actually sell anything or have a restaurant.

It will be known as a Planning and Ordering Centre and officially opens its doors on July 14 at Faubourg Boisbriand.

While the usual restaurant and endless maze of products add allure to the IKEA experience, you won't have to worry about crowds or long lines at this new spot.

On-site, you'll be able to get advice from renovation specialists and design experts who can offer up an array of personalized services catered to your home needs.

You'll be able to view loads of products and get tons of inspiration for your next project or big move, although you won't actually be able to leave with anything, as the mini IKEA will only be available for delivery to a pickup centre or directly to your home.

The Boisbriand IKEA Planning and Ordering Centre will be the first of its kind in Quebec and will operate by appointment only.

According to IKEA, the concept was created to make the experience more accessible for those looking to make some changes to their home without the hustle and bustle you'd normally deal with at the Montreal, Boucherville or Quebec City stores.

So, if you want a more low-key IKEA moment where you can select, plan, and design your home, then you can take full advantage of the Boisbriand facilities. If all you really want is some cute decor with a side of fish 'n chips, then IKEA's mega shops are where it's at.

Mini IKEA Opening at Faubourg Boisbriand

When: July 14, 2022

Address: 3444 av. des Grandes Tourelles, Boisbriand, QC


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