Quebec Is Ramping Up Police Visits To Bars & Restaurants — Especially On These Dates

Expect to see more cops while getting your vaccine passport checked during the holiday season.

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Quebec Is Ramping Up Police Visits To Bars & Restaurants — Especially On These Dates

If you're planning on celebrating the holiday season with a drink at a bar or a meal at a local restaurant, you may notice more police officers than usual.

In a press release, Deputy Premier and Public Safety Minister Geneviève Guilbault announced that "increased police interventions will take place throughout Quebec during the holiday season, particularly at restaurants and bars."

The main goal of the police interventions, the press release says, is to ensure that the owners and staff members of bars and restaurants are following COVID-19 rules related to checking vaccine passports "by supporting [them] in the implementation of these measures."

The press release also says police will be paying "particular attention" to Quebecers' behaviour when it comes to respecting sanitary rules in public places.

"The next few weeks will be conducive to festive gatherings; I thereforeinvite us to take advantage of this period to have a good time with our loved ones and colleagues while respecting public health rules," said Minister Guilbault in a statement.

"It is important to maintain safe behaviours during the holidays, for our health and to get us out of this pandemic as quickly as possible."

While these special police interventions are planned throughout the holiday period, the press release specifies that you can expect increased police presence on December 9, 10 and 11 as well as December 16, 17 and 18.

If your holiday plans over the next couple of weeks are more home-based, note that Quebec is raising the limit for the number of people allowed at private gatherings — but not until December 23. As of December 23, you can have up to 20 people over as long as everyone is vaccinated.

Announcing the new gathering rules at a press conference earlier this week, Health Minister Christian Dubé also touched on holiday gatherings in restaurants.

"In restaurants at this moment, there's probably been some relaxation [in the health measures] and there will be Christmas parties at restaurants in these next few weeks [...] It's okay but please, make sure people are vaccinated and that you ask for the vaccine passport," he said.

In Quebec, a vaccine passport is required to access many businesses and activities deemed non-essential, including restaurants and bars.

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