Quebec Regions With The Most Health & Social Service Workers Who Aren't Fully Vaccinated

On Wednesday Health Minister Christian Dubé shared a breakdown by Quebec region of the number of health and social service workers who aren't fully vaccinated.

While the province had initially set an October 15 deadline for these workers to get their two COVID-19 vaccine doses or face suspension, the health ministry ended up postponing it by 30 days on October 13, citing the need to ensure continuity of service.

The breakdown of not-fully-vaccinated workers by region shows the scale of the problem.

As of October 11, Montreal unsurprisingly led the pack with 8,759 health and social service workers who had received either no doses or just one dose of a vaccine. Montérégie followed the metropolis, with 2,183 workers who weren't fully vaccinated as of the same date.

In total, 22,446 such workers in the province were not fully vaccinated

"This chart represents the fragility of our health care system," Dubé wrote on Twitter.

"Already, before the mandatory vaccination, we are experiencing a labour shortage. On October 15, with 22,446 fewer people, this would have had enormous consequences on the health services offered to Quebecers."

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