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Quebec Tennis Stars Leylah & Félix Were At The MET Gala & Looked Absolutely Stunning

Their outfits looked coordinated!

Quebec Tennis Stars Leylah & Félix Were At The MET Gala & Looked Absolutely Stunning

Leylah Fernandez and Félix Auger-Aliassime, the Quebec tennis stars who captured everyone's imagination at the latest U.S. Open, were invited to the Met Gala on Monday night and looked absolutely stunning in their outfits.

The world-famous Met Gala, which is a party for the rich and famous to show off their most ridiculous outfits, was made all the better by the presence of the two rising tennis stars.

As the future of tennis, it was no surprise that these two got an invite to the illustrious Met Gala.

Compared to their counterparts Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, the two young tennis stars from Quebec were dressed rather modestly in matching black and white outfits that were more class than sass.

No word on whether or not they planned to have coordinating outfits, but if not, it was a happy accident.

Despite both of them being disappointed in the U.S. Open at the end of it all, the two tennis players put themselves on the map as the rising stars to watch.

Leylah's tournament was particularly inspiring as she was one of the youngest-ever tennis players to reach the U.S. Open Final.

After their night rubbing elbows with Hollywood's A-list, Leylah and Félix will undoubtedly be off to train for their next tournament.

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