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Quebec Tennis Superstar Leylah Fernandez Is Getting Tons Of Praise From Sports Celebrities

Leylah is taking over the world!

Quebec Tennis Superstar Leylah Fernandez Is Getting Tons Of Praise From Sports Celebrities

Quebec's new tennis superstar Leylah Fernandez is taking over the world one tennis match at a time and pretty much everyone has taken notice.

From politicians to professional athletes, everyone is heaping praise on the 19-year-old who has made her way to the U.S. Open final and, along the way, inspired a nation and seemingly, the entire world.

Despite a heated debate on Thursday night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took time to praise Fernandez, claiming that he caught the beginning of the match before joining his fellow party leaders on the debate stage.

While Trudeau was one of the only party leaders to praise Fernandez's accomplishment, plenty of professional athletes ranging from basketball to pro wrestling heaped praise on the young tennis superstar.

The Toronto Raptors, who know what it takes to win a championship, called Fernandez's win "unbelievable."

Steve Nash and Magic Johnson, NBA legends in their own right, also congratulated Fernandez. Johnson dubbed her a "giant slayer" and Nash even called her a "certified baller."

Fernandez's fellow Canadian tennis stars are undoubtedly following her incredible rise to the top of their sport.

Bianca Andreescu , the highest-ranked Canadian tennis player ever who unfortunately got knocked out of the U.S. Open, offered her congratulations. And a fellow Quebecer who has a chance to get to the U.S. Open final himself, Felix Auger-Aliassime also congratulated his counterpart.

Even iconic québécois hockey players Marie-Philip Poulin and Mathieu Joseph took the time to praise Fernandez's inspiring run to the U.S. Open Final.

Christine Sinclair, legendary captain of the Canadian Women's Soccer Team wrote that Fernandez is "making all of Canada proud."

Even The Iron Sheik, an iconic WWE superstar and also got in on the praise train and wrote that "Leylah has the whole tennis world on their knees."

Leylah's unreal run to the U.S. Open Final will culminate on Saturday, September 10.

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