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Quebec Weather Is Going To Be A Nasty Mix Of Snow, Rain And Ice This Week

Hibernating is sounding pretty good right about now...

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Quebec Weather Is Going To Be A Nasty Mix Of Snow, Rain And Ice This Week

If you've dared to step outside over the last few days, you know that it's been painfully cold — the kind of cold that makes you understand why some animals choose to hibernate during the winter.

And unfortunately, when it comes to the Quebec weather forecast, I don't come bearing good news.

While the weather is set to get a little warmer, Environment Canada issued a "special weather statement" for all kinds of regions in Quebec, including Montreal, announcing a nasty storm making its way to the province this week, from Wednesday evening into Friday.

The storm is going to be caused by "a large trough of low pressure developing over the American Prairies."

"Depending on the track of the system, which remains highly uncertain at this time, several areas could receive significant amounts of rain or snow. If the expected track remains, precipitation is expected to start as rain for the southernmost areas on Wednesday and gradually change to snow Thursday evening," Environment Canada warned.

As rain turns into snow, freezing rain is highly possible.

And as we all know, freezing rain makes the roads in Quebec very slippery. We're told the storm will make them especially slippery on Thursday evening, so make sure to drive extra carefully on your way home from work that day.

According to The Weather Network, Montreal is going to face between 30 to 40 millimetres of rain on Thursday, plus one to three centimetres of snow. So, prepare yourselves for an ugly-sounding week ahead of us.

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