A Quebec City Sword Attack Survivor Shared An Update On Her Recovery 1 Year Later

She also shared an inspiring message on Instagram.

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A Quebec City Sword Attack Survivor Shared An Update On Her Recovery 1 Year Later

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

One year after the October 31, 2020, Quebec City sword attack that left two people dead, a survivor is looking back on the incident and her recovery.

"I'm very conflicted about the one year. I've been reliving all the emotions of the last year. It was really weird, the pain was even more intense than usual," Lisa Mahmoud, one of seven people who were injured, told Narcity Québec.

"I think a lot about the two deceased people and their families: the sadness is immense."

"But I keep moving forward because life is beautiful despite everything."

In an October 31, 2021 Instagram post, Mahmoud reflects on the injuries she sustained to her left forearm, hand and index finger, as well as her right shoulder, right ear and neck.

The post shows her updates through one year of surgeries and physical therapy.

"I still can't believe how far I've come in the last year," Narcity quotes her as saying in a now-expired Instagram story. "Thank you life and my lucky star."

"Life is short, that goes without saying," the Instagram post reads. "We cannot predict when we will leave it, but we can decide to rejoice daily in being alive, taking full advantage of what existence brings us."

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