Quebec's Vaccine Passport Ad Is Getting Tons Of Confused Reactions

Thousands of people took to the streets to protest against Quebec's vaccine passport this weekend and during this same time, the government came out with a new advertisement on the subject, which resulted in all kinds of different reactions on social networks.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows two young adults who meet at the Riverside bar in Montreal. At the entrance, the woman who hasn't been vaccinated gets caught in an imaginary window preventing her from going further. "Don't wait to hit a wall. Get vaccinated," the commercial then says.

When François Legault shared the video on Facebook, many commented on it saying it was a waste of the government's money to make such an advertisement.

One of the most liked comments reads, "Wow is this ad serious? paid with our money? you really take us for fools," translated from French.

Quebec influencer Elisabeth Rioux reacted to the commercial on her Instagram story with a similar thought. "I got the vaccine but this on the other hand? A big no, sounds like a joke. So our tax dollars are funding this kind of advertising? Fun, I always said I would keep my taxes here to contribute, this is the kind of stuff that makes you wonder! Anyway beyond the money.... WTF?," she wrote.