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Revenu Québec Might Be Sending You $400 Soon & You Don't Need To Do Anything To Get It

For those who are eligible for the solidarity tax credit.

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Revenu Québec Might Be Sending You $400 Soon & You Don't Need To Do Anything To Get It

2022 is about to get a little better for some people in La Belle Province. As part of the fall 2021 Economic and Fiscal Update, certain people will be receiving a tax credit from Revenu Québec for up to $400 in January 2022.

Those who are eligible for the solidarity tax credit will benefit from this one-time tax credit. According to Quebec's Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, that means 3.3 million people in Quebec are about to get some extra cash.

Couples earning less than $55,912 are entitled to $400, while people living alone with an income of $50,645 or less will receive a cheque for $275. And single people living with a roommate will receive a benefit of $200.

The best part is you don't even have to do anything to get it.

"An individual who is eligible for the refundable tax credit granting an exceptional allowance will receive the amount of the one-time tax assistance as of January 24, 2022, without having to apply for it," the government explained in an information bulletin.

This tax credit is set to be paid as of January 24, 2022, through the method of a direct deposit into the bank account that Revenu Québec has on your file.

If you haven't registered for direct deposit with Revenu Québec, you'll be sent a cheque in the mail according to the last address provided to Revenu Québec.

The new initiative, which represents a $2.1 billion investment, was put in place to address the rapidly rising cost of living.

During a press conference back in November, Girard said, "Low-income households, which typically spend a larger share of their income on basic needs such as food and shelter, are not able to increase their resources to meet these needs. These households then have to make difficult choices regarding their consumption."

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