The Canada Revenue Agency Will 'Review' The Benefits Of Around 200,000 Canadians This Year

Here's what you need to know.

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The Canada Revenue Agency Will 'Review' The Benefits Of Around 200,000 Canadians This Year

Make sure to watch your mailbox and your e-mail inbox in the coming months, because you may get a letter stating that your benefits are being reviewed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) this year. But don't worry, you won't be the only one.

The government agency released a notice saying that up to 200,000 Canadians will be contacted about their eligibility for different benefits and credits to ensure that they're receiving the proper amounts this year.

The CRA told people to "keep calm and respond" if they receive a letter and questionnaire about their benefits being reviewed.

For those who do get a letter, it's important that you reply and send all of the information requested as soon as possible. This process can be done via mail to the address listed on your letter or through the My Account portal on the CRA website

Don't worry, if you're currently receiving payments from the Government of Canada, you won't stop getting them while your information is in the process of being reviewed.

But, if you don't reply to the letter, the CRA will "adjust your benefits based on the information [they] have." This could potentially result in your benefits being decreased or even stopped altogether.

Some Canadians could also be asked to send the government back money if it was received incorrectly. So essentially, making sure you respond to the letter is in your best interest.

The CRA confirmed that "files are selected based on risk and whether you’ve had a life event that affects your benefits and credits. The CRA uses impartial and non-discriminatory criteria when selecting files for review, and doesn’t target specific communities or groups of people."

If you're unable to get the information the government is asking for or require more time to reply, you should contact the number found in your letter.

Once the CRA has received all the documents required, you can expect a response within 45 days.

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