SAQ & SQDC Unions Want Protection From A Hypothetical Unvaccinated, Drug-Starved Horde

The unions cite "security and staffing issues."

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SAQ & SQDC Unions Want Protection From A Hypothetical Unvaccinated, Drug-Starved Horde

As SAQ and SQDC employees brace themselves for the vaccine passport rule taking effect on January 18, their unions are raising concerns about "security and staffing issues."

"For us, given that this new measure may cause frustration or even lead to aggressive behaviour among some customers, we must ensure that operations take place in a calm manner and to do this, we ask that there be security guards in all branches as of January 18," Lisa Courtemanche, president of the SEMB-SAQ-CSN, said in a statement.

"We hope that the employer will also be able to provide the tools necessary for the validation of vaccine passports while adding the personnel required to ensure the application of this new measure," she added.

While both unions say their members welcome the extension of the vaccine passport measure to their stores, the SQDC union also says a lack of security staff could lead to crowds.

"Although there are already security guards at the entrance to branches, this does not prevent the risk of overflow in the days following the entry into force of the measure, hence the importance of have a sufficient number of staff and the necessary equipment to ensure the smooth and safe implementation of this new measure," Steve Bédard, president of the SEE-SQDC-CSN, said.

On January 6, Health Minister Christian Dubé announced that the vaccine passport would be required to access the provincial liquor and cannabis stores. The government previously deemed both to be essential services.

The minister warned that even more businesses will require the passport in the coming months.

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