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The Best SQDC Montreal Locations According To Reviewers (& The Not So Best)

Some SQDC locations got reviews that were pretty high! 🍃

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The Best SQDC Montreal Locations According To Reviewers (& The Not So Best)

Since they first opened retail outlets in 2018, the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) has provided people with an easy, legal option for purchasing cannabis, and now has more than 75 stores.

In the greater Montreal area, there are around 20. So which ones are best?

To find out, we looked at Google reviews for every SQDC outlet on the Island of Montreal and on the North and South Shores.

We considered more reviews to mean a more reliable score (and ignored the shops with fewer than 50 reviews) and we left out the SQDC's headquarters, which gets reviews — mostly from people unhappy with their online orders — but isn't relevant to our topic.

We also looked at the newest reviews to understand the current state of things and make sure a well-reviewed store hadn't taken a turn.

(We acknowledge a primary concern about this kind of investigation: how trustworthy are the reviews of cannabis stores when the reviewers are people who shop at cannabis stores?)

The best-reviewed Montreal-area SQDC is of course not in Outremont. It’s in Boucherville, on the South Shore.

1) SQDC Boucherville

With a score of 4.6/5 and a total of 334 reviews, the SQDC in Boucherville was a fan favourite. Anyone who frequents the SQDC knows that the experience comes down to a few things: wait times, selection, and staff knowledge — and it appears that the Boucherville location checks off all three.

"Easy access, no lineup, friendly staff, and quality service," Tim Newell wrote. "Great place to grab your goods!".

Ivan Morrison couldn't have agreed more. "Wow. These folks know their product! Thanks for the help!" he wrote. Although the Boucherville location received stellar feedback, one reviewer left a suggestion that many could definitely get behind.

After describing the location as clean, and the staff as professional and knowledgeable, Mario Prevost recommended the SQDC provide a sampling of their products. "All you have to do is have tastings like at the SAQ," he wrote.

Address: 20, boul de Montagne Suite 20T, Boucherville, QC


2) SQDC Queen Mary

With a score of 4.5/5 out of 461 reviews, the SQDC Queen Mary location comes in second. It seems as if this spot knows their stuff.

"Extremely knowledgeable staff," a reviewer named Little C wrote. The experience ended up being a feel-good one for this person, and we aren't just talking about the effects of their products.

"Really nice to be carded when you're in your sixties," Little C wrote.

The staff are not only knowledgeable, but they seem to be just as friendly, too. "I'm greeted by smiles and great customer service," Chantal Belliveau wrote. She also pointed out a major plus for those who speak only French or English. "They are bilingual, which I also like and won't fuss about it," she wrote.

While their lines can get long, Esley Sonnikson wrote that they move "surprisingly fast," as did many other reviewers. So, if you're in a hurry, don't let that line stop you from getting your goods.

Address: 5240, ch. Queen Mary, Montreal, QC


3) SQDC Repentigny

With a 4.5/5 and a total of 189 reviews, the Repentigny SQDC comes in third. The location might just be worth the drive over if you're in Montreal considering it's got some outstanding reviews.

Vee Drey claimed their service was so good it's all he needed to ditch his original plug.

"My pusher could not help me. I had to go there. I have never called him back since! The diversity of the clientele that comes in there is astonishing. I never believed that so many old people smoke," Vee said. That green doesn't have any age limit (unless you're under 21, of course).

Maxime highlighted the store's knowledgeable staff and quality service, saying it's "A1."

While he enjoys his visits, Maxime has one suggestion that many stores could take note of. "The negative side of this place is the safe-packaging of the products. The immense size of the jars for small products. It should do as in Western Canada and minimize packaging." Smoke the green, and go green seems to be his thinking.

Address: 131, rue Louvain, Repentigny, QC


Runner Up: SQDC Mont-Royal

With a score of 4.5/5 from a total of 98 reviews, we couldn't leave the Mont-Royal location out of the top spots.

This SQDC seems to have also received some pretty rad reviews, one even going as far as comparing it to Disney World.

"Woooow the Las Vegas of top experiences. Like Walt Disney! Superb, courteous, and pleasant magnificent service," Sylvain Guerin wrote. Who needs to go to Florida or California for Disney when you've got SQDC Mont-Royal?

The location got a few comments regarding their long lines, but Sergey Alexanian made it clear they move really fast. "The only problem is the crowd...but it moves pretty fast," he wrote.

As for their selection, it seems as if they've got it all. "They have a million different varieties of weed. Some to feel up-spirited, some to feel chill, and easy-going, some to relax the body and mind," Kevin Adu-Boateng wrote. "Welcome to the beautiful city of Montreal where we're finally 420 friendly," he said.

Address: 1037, av. du Mont-Royal E, Montreal, QC


Worst: SQDC Sainte-Catherine O

We can't all be perfect, can we? With a score of 4/5 out of 1564 reviews, the SQDC Sainte-Catherine didn't perform as well as the others did.

Considering the Sainte-Catherine Ouest location is frequented often, it's no surprise that it's left some customers quite unhappy, Louis Dufresne being one of them.

"Absolutely horrible service," he wrote on Google Reviews. "I usually go to the one in all my questions were dismissed. The nail in the coffin though was my product; it had been packaged over 6 months ago and was super dry." Dry cannabis? Yikes!

Montrealers aren't the only ticked-off customers. This SQDC location has even got out-of-towners getting riled up. "Bad experience today. From Washington State so I’m used to dispensaries but rarely smoke. Went here to get a joint, and left with nothing besides feeling embarrassed," Alleah Sedwick wrote.

"I found the product confusing and the people not friendly." Listen Alleah, that's not how we usually do it here in Canada. Well send over some maple syrup, a pack of hockey cards, and a few cheese curds to make it up to you, bud.

Address: 970, rue Saint-Catherine O, Montreal, QC


Worst: SQDC l'Acadie

With a 4/5 based on 983 reviews, the SQDC l'Acadie location just isn't cutting it for some customers.

While we're sure this SQDC spot is doing its best, one reviewer had a list of problems he experienced during his visit. A literal list, bullet point, with many entries.

Bobby Selman didn't love the quality, but one of his biggest complaints, which fell at number five on his list of six grievances, was the parking.

"Parking is impossible and it's pissing off the businesses," Bobby wrote. "Don't double park or you'll get a ticket. The location was never meant for so much business. Imagine an SAQ with five parking spots." Yeah, you've got a point there, Bobby.

As for Philippe Diver, it seems as if this customer would rather buy his cannabis from British Columbia or Alberta.

"Pretty shameful concept. I just got back from BC and Alberta. They put us to shame here in Quebec," Diver wrote. What was so bad you might wonder? Well, it seems as if the pricing and quality just aren't up to par for Philippe.


Address: 9256 boul de l'Acadie, Montreal, QC


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