There's A Risk Of Tornadoes In Parts Of Western Quebec Tonight

There will be severe thunderstorms along the Ontario border.
Severe Thunderstorms Forecasted For Parts Of Quebec With Risk For Tornadoes

Though deconfinement is continuing across the province, people in some regions will probably have to stay home this Wednesday evening. MétéoMédia and Environment Canada are warning of severe thunderstorms in the west of Quebec along the border with Ontario. There is also a risk that tornadoes could form in southern Témiscamingue and western Outaouais, according to MétéoMédia.

The publication explains that a low-pressure system coming in from Western Canada and the arrival of post-tropical storm Cristobal are at the root of the risk of violent thunderstorms forecasted for June 10.

Fasten your toque because it might fly off your head.

As an added bonus, more than 50 millimetres of rain per hour could fall in affected areas and wind gusts of up to 90 km/h are expected.

In some areas, Environment Canada says that severe thunderstorms could even produce hail as big as a nickel.

The following are some of the areas targeted by severe thunderstorm watches and weather warnings:

"Take cover immediately, if threatening weather approaches," Environment Canada wrote in its weather warning for La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve.

"Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors!"

Precipitation could also be heavy and accumulate very quickly. "Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads."

Residents of these areas should also expect "intense lightning."

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Environment Canada encourages Quebecers to monitor its website for updates.

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