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Taco Bell Announced It's Officially Quitting Quebec — Goodbye Cheap Burrito Induced Runs

You'll have to drive to Hawkesbury to get your fix. 🌮

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Taco Bell Announced It's Officially Quitting Quebec — Goodbye Cheap Burrito Induced Runs

If you've been looking around wondering where all of Quebec's Taco Bell locations have gone, here's your answer: the taco chain is officially leaving the province.

In response to a tweet from Marissa Ramnanan, a producer at The Elias Makos Show, Taco Bell said, "Our Quebec locations are closing. We love all of our Quebecois fans and hope to see you again soon," followed by a heart emoji.

Taco Bell's map currently shows zero remaining Quebec locations.

According to, the first-ever Taco Bell arrived in Quebec in December 2006, setting up shop in the West Island. But it didn't actually open until March 2007 because it was "working out some kinks, including constructing a French zone on Taco Bell Canada's Web site."

Over the years, MTL Blog's Taco Bell coverage has included news that certain Canadian locations would start serving beer in 2017, as well as Taco Bell Canada's free Doritos Locos Tacos giveaway on June 18, 2019, which celebrated the Toronto Raptors' NBA victory.

While your intestines may be breathing a sigh of relief, there are no doubt some Taco Bell lovers out there who will miss the greasy comfort of a Taco Supreme.

If the craving hits and you've got to get your hands on one asap, the closest locations are in Hawkesbury, Ontario, and Cornwall, Ontario. The Hawkesbury Taco Bell is about a one-hour drive from Montreal.

Alternatively, you could support a local Montreal taco joint. You can find a list of some of the best Montreal taco spots here.

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