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joseph montanaro

Montreal is home to some pretty stellar luxury real estate and this Dorval castle is certainly no exception. The massive estate is nothing short of a miniature Hogwarts — so if you're into witches, wizards and warlocks, this property will certainly appeal to you. And if you aren't...well, who doesn't like taking a peek inside a castle?

Located just 20 minutes from downtown, this 5-storey chateau spans 34,000 square feet and has remarkable views of Lac St-Louis. While the waterfront location is undoubtedly breathtaking, the property itself may require some getting used to — as does its price point. Did we mention it's nearly $20 million?

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Ever wonder what the rich and famous live like in Montreal? We got a little glimpse thanks to discovering the most expensive Montreal condo on Centris sold so far this year.

The breathtaking penthouse located in the Ritz-Carlton was just sold by realtor Joseph Montanaro and it was the highest real estate transaction on the Island of Montreal in 2021.

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Whenever one of our beloved Montreal Canadiens put their house on the market, fans are really eager to take a look inside and find exactly how luxurious the life of a professional athlete is. 

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