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The Most Expensive House For Sale In Quebec Is — Get This — Not (Quite) In Westmount

We're just as shocked as you are.

Exterior of the Montreal home at night.

Exterior of Montreal home at night.

Forget the housing crisis, forget rising rents and renovictions, forget endless lines to visit the same "cozy" second-floor walk-ups. Now imagine you're a multi-millionaire cruising Quebec for the perfect pad to host your ragers and conduct your business. Perfect! Now you're ready for the $35 million mansion that tops Point2's list of expensive homes in the entire province.

View from the first-floor pool.View from the first-floor pool.Joseph Montanaro

Featuring eight bedrooms and a whopping 15 bathrooms spread over two stories, this is more of a small palace than a large house. It sprawls over nearly 13,000 square feet and features an actual elevator.

View of the fancy elevator.View of the fancy elevator.Joseph Montanaro

Again, despite the basement, it’s technically a two-story house, so that might be overkill. But it’s a $35 million splurge, so why not?

Giant kitchen for entertaining and also eating, in that order.Giant kitchen for entertaining and also eating, in that order.Joseph Montanaro

The imposing, flat-topped building was constructed in 1965, and recently given a top-to-bottom renovation. This is especially evident in the kitchen, a massive, squeaky-clean modernist room with enough space and seats to comfortably entertain your guests while you definitely cook your own meals, for sure.

Bathroom with big bathtub, for reclining.Bathroom with big bathtub, for reclining.Joseph Montanaro

One of the thousand bathrooms features a large tub for casually sipping your fancy wine — stored in a conspicuous wooden wine cellar near that expansive kitchen.

A mostly full wine cellar, with loose bottles on the ground around it.A mostly full wine cellar, with loose bottles on the ground around it.Joseph Montanaro

If you’d rather take the spiral staircase than the brief elevator ride, you won’t be alone. There is a disconcertingly long glass chandelier to accompany you all the way down!

Weirdly dizzying angle of the long staircase chandelier.Weirdly dizzying angle of the long staircase chandelier.Joseph Montanaro

Located in Ville-Marie right near the Westmount border, this is a true entertainer's home, featuring a real-life rooftop jacuzzi.

Glamour shot of the rooftop jacuzzi.Glamour shot of the rooftop jacuzzi.Joseph Montanaro

Let me say that again: rooftop jacuzzi. Imagine taking a warm dip as a gentle snowfall coats the shiny glory of your new abode... Truly a life of luxury.

Then again, imagine cleaning it every year – oh wait, you're the owner of a $35 million dollar mansion. Cleaning is for other people.

The bedrooms in this fantasy home are nothing out of the ordinary for the rich and famous. Tasteful yet bland, modern yet endearingly charmless.

A main bedroom in the house.A main bedroom in the house.Joseph Montanaro

When you're finally done relaxing and you're ready to hit the town, take that sweet sweet elevator down to the garage. A fancy man's fantasy, it features wood panelling to die for and not one, not two, but three chandeliers, in a matching dark shade.

The very masculine power garage, featuring expensive car.The very masculine power garage, featuring expensive car.Joseph Montanaro

You can drive away if you really want to, but if you own this Westmount-adjacent gem, you can never quite leave the life of luxe behind.


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