This Map Shows Montreal's Median Condo Price Around Every Metro Station In 2021

It's not easy to buy a home in Montreal right now. Since availability and prices vary from one area to another, it's important to narrow your search down to a neighbourhood you can afford. This handy metro map helps you do that by breaking down median condo prices in Montreal based on where they are in relation to metro stations.

The map was created by real estate broker Charlyse Amoussou to give you an idea of real estate prices in different parts of the city. Note that the data was collected (using Centris) from January to mid-September 2021.

"Prices are listed for condos sold within a 1km radius of each metro station," the broker said on Instagram.

Amoussou previously made the same type of map to illustrate median condo prices between January and December 2020, which is useful if you want to compare and contrast the two time periods.

According to the maps, prices seem to be on the rise, especially in neighbourhoods located at the ends of the transportation network. For example, the median price of a condo near the Montmorency station in Laval was $250,000 last year, jumping to $298,000 now.

The area around the Laval metro stations is still the most budget-friendly option on the map, as well as the area around Saint-Michel station, where the median condo price is $285,000.

There also seem to be buying opportunities in the eastern part of the city because, from Papineau to Honoré-Beaugrand stations, the median price of condos is under $400,000.

Outremont and Édouard-Montpetit stations have the highest condo prices on the map, with median prices of $637,000 and $824,000, respectively.