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It's been a fraught postseason for officiating during the Stanley Cup Playoffs as NHL referees have been accused of a series of blunders and non-calls that have influenced the outcomes of critical games and series.

But after Montreal's Game 4 loss to the Las Vegas Golden Knights on Monday, many Habs fans are taking it to a different level: They are calling for a referee to be fired.

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Two of the most popular cuisines in Montreal are definitely fried chicken and Chinese food. Well, Ho Lee Chix offers you the best of both in a culinary creation unlike any other.

Brought to you by the team at Lucky Belly Group, who also own other Montreal favourites, like Thipthip, Redtiger, Kamé Snack-Bar and Le Blossom Bar, Ho Lee Chix is a tongue-in-cheek, can't-stop-going-back-for-more fried chicken spot that has people flocking to its storefronts.

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Regardless of the majority of classes being held online, McGill University still welcomed hundreds of students into its residences this semester.

An outbreak just occurred within two of the university's residences, namely Carrefour Sherbrooke and La Citadelle, which resulted in five students living in these buildings testing positive for COVID-19.

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