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Here's How Much McGill University Principal Suzanne Fortier Is Making

McGill's principal gets a lot of other benefits, too.

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Here's How Much McGill University Principal Suzanne Fortier Is Making

Big bucks for the woman McGill students call Big Suze. According to a document submitted to Quebec's Ministry of Higher Education on November 30, 2021, McGill University Principal Suzanne Fortier rakes in a base salary of $478,901.

But her income doesn't stop there. McGill says she has additional "taxable elements" reaching $382,070 in value. That's a total of $860,971.

In her time as principal, Fortier has seen her base salary increase by almost $90,000. When she ascended to the role in 2013, her contract with the university included a $390,000 base salary, which was subject to annual adjustments. She was also able to receive bonuses worth up to 20% of her salary.

Other benefits in the 2013 contract included five weeks of paid vacation and a club membership paid by the university, in addition to reimbursements for job-related expenses.

McGill's Board of Governors renewed Fortier's contract with almost all the same benefits in 2018.

The 2021 document sent to the Ministry of Higher Education shows Fortier isn't even the highest-paid executive at the university.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Dean David Eidelman has a base salary of $518,176 plus $361,799 in other taxable benefits, for a total of $879,975.

Concordia President Graham Carr, meanwhile, has a base salary of $424,423 and additional taxable elements totalling $1,706 in value, according to the university's list of its own executives' incomes.

The universities state that they disclose the salaries of senior administration officials in accordance with the provincial Act respecting educational institutions at the university level.

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