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This Montreal Chinese Restaurant's Vegan Fried Chicken Has Locals Flocking To Get A Taste

The menu is made to be enjoyed by carnivores, vegans and everyone in between.
This Montreal Chinese Restaurant's Vegan Fried Chicken Has Locals Flocking To Get A Taste

Two of the most popular cuisines in Montreal are definitely fried chicken and Chinese food. Well, Ho Lee Chix offers you the best of both in a culinary creation unlike any other.

Brought to you by the team at Lucky Belly Group, who also own other Montreal favourites, like Thipthip, Redtiger, Kamé Snack-Bar and Le Blossom Bar, Ho Lee Chix is a tongue-in-cheek, can't-stop-going-back-for-more fried chicken spot that has people flocking to its storefronts.

But just like the group's other restaurants, this isn't just your average spot, nor your average fried chicken.

It's so so much more...

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It's the best mix of fried chicken and Asian food.

It may seem like a bold idea, but that's exactly what Ho Lee Chix was going for.

"We tried to do something different, catchy, riskier of a concept," says David Pham, co-owner of Lucky Belly Group.

"It's the perfect mix of sour fried chicken with Asian food."

Realizing that most people head to places in Chinatown and order dishes like kung pao chicken, the team decided to do something similar, but keep it unique.

Ho Lee Chix specializes in fried chicken and offering an array of Chinese-style dips, it brings the crispy, salty goodness from the chicken and the culture and exoticness from the sauces.

There's also a list of Chinese sides to really complete your meal, including Singapore noodles and fried rice.

You can also try a fried chicken burger, the Ho Lee F***, that tastes just that good...

There's something on the menu for carnivores, vegans and gluten-free people alike.

The words "fried" and "chicken" may seem like they may not be very welcoming to vegans, vegetarians and those who keep to a gluten-free lifestyle, but Ho Lee Chix is for almost everyone.

You can try a soy-based vegan burger that David tells MTL Blog, "Our vegan customers really enjoy it."

The idea came out of an observation that there really aren't many quality options for vegans and vegetarians for a chicken-alternative in Montreal, so the team has developed one that they say tastes pretty similar.

As for the gluten, ALL of the chicken is fried in a rice flour batter, making it gluten-free and actually makes the chicken even crispier.

Ho Lee Chix has become a sizzlin' sensation.

Since opening, Ho Lee Chix has been incredibly popular.

Like seriously, as hot as the fryer.

Originally only in Le Centrale, Ho Lee Chix spread its wings and opened another location Rockland Centre in September, which has also been a huge success so far.

The team plans to open more locations and bring the concept to even more people in Montreal.

You can visit either location for takeout or order dishes for delivery, so you don't even have to leave your nest.

Ho Lee Chix

Address: Le Centrale, 30, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, QC & Rockland Center, 2305, Chemin Rockland, Mount Royal, QC

Why You Need To Go: To try some delicious fried chicken, with Asian inspirations for a match made in heaven.

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