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A Montreal grocery store known for its unique French imported snacks has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a post by Andy-Riwan Gernet aka lefrench_explorer.

The TikTok — which has racked up more than 230,000 views — showcases some of France's most beloved munchies, which are available at Top Discount Canada

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I know I'm not the only person who misses going to the movies. Not only do I miss watching a featured film in a local Cineplex theatre, but I miss the snacks I could get there, too.

That's why I was so excited to find out that today was National Popcorn Day, which means Cineplex is giving away free small popcorns to clients today.

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By now you've probably come to the realization that the second wave coincides with the colder weather. And you know what that means: it's time to couple up!

Well, Montreal comedian Cameron Geller thought so, too. So he's put out a series of videos putting out a call for a lucky lady.

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I don't know about you guys but I'm lazy AF. And I don't have a car, which pretty much means that I don't leave my house unless I absolutely have to. So obviously when I get hungry and have nothing in my fridge, I choose to order in, and sometimes, I crave a whole lot of different things (Pizza and Haagen-Dazs anyone?). Thankfully, we now live in a world where you can get poutine and chicken wings for supper AND your favourite Ben & Jerry's ice cream tub for dessert, all from the same place.

Yumee is a Montreal-based delivery company where you can browse snacks from the comfort of your own home, order online, and have them show up at your doorstep within 45 minutes!! Plus, their mobile application is beautiful, user-friendly, and guaranteed to make you crave your favourite snacks, pizzas and wings.

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As yes, the time has come where herds of students join at cafes to study for the next big exam coming up. Well, instead of all invading the closest Starbucks, I suggest checking out these insanely cute cafes located all across Montreal! Not only are these cafes absolutely adorable, but they are perfect for that study grind.

So, get that coffee money ready because you will become addicted to these honestly amazing Montreal cafes! Maybe you'll actually enjoy studying... or maybe these cafes will just make it more bearable. Either way, you will be getting 100% on all those exams!

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If you and your BF or GF are looking for something new to do with another couple, then I suggest checking out the list below! Not only do all these restaurants have delicious food, but they all have unique factors to them that will keep you guys talking all night!

We all know how it can get a bit boring sometimes doing the same things all the time so now it's time to try something new! And who better to do it than with another couple! Double dating is honestly super fun and a great way to have new things to do and talk about with that special someone!

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Technology has brought the world a number of incredible innovations. The Internet has allowed us to share information instantly; Netflix has brought us movie selection of an entire Blockbuster right to our TVs; and, thanks to Google, we will eventually have driver-less cars moving us about town.

While the cars that drive themselves may be a little ways off, one company has harnessed the power of technology to take care of all your snaking needs, right now! Yumee is making sure no party goes without munchies, no girls night goes without ice cream, and no thirst during a marathon of all 10 seasons of Friends goes un-quenched.

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Photo cred - This is why we're fat

Now as a little disclaimer, I’d like to say that I’m of the belief that all bodies are beautiful. This post isn’t about body shaming or telling you how you should and shouldn’t look. That’s not my place, nor is it anybody else’s for that matter. All that matters is that you feel confident, whether your 90 or 300 pounds. The experience I’m drawing off is of my personal unwanted weight gain, and why I think this city is fully to blame for it. It’s your entire fault Montreal.

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Canadians don't realize we have a whole different mess of snacks our neighbors to the south don't get to eat. We get so many American food imports that the eats only available in Canada kinda get lost in the shuffle. Who knows that Americans might think about certain Canada-centric munchies, like Montreal's premiere 3am snack, the poutine. BuzzFeedYellow decided to find out, and made a video all about Americans trying Canadian snack foods.

A hilarious new perspective on treats we hold dear to our hearts, the video has a mix of Americans eating classic snacks like Jos Louis, All Dressed chips, Nanaimo bars, maple sugar candies, and ends off with a classic poutine. Can Americans handle Canada's snack-game? Find out in the video below. Kudos to CHOM 97.7 who first caught wind of the video!

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