Food Prices In Canada Are Increasing & Some Households Could Pay $966 More In 2022

The biggest increase in 12 years, according to the Food Price Report.

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Food Prices In Canada Are Increasing & Some Households Could Pay $966 More In 2022

Canada’s Food Price Report 2022 is out and it offers a pretty unappetizing forecast of grocery costs in the year ahead. The report's authors predict a 5% to 7% overall increase in food prices in 2022.

They say that for a family of four consisting of a man, a woman, a girl and a boy, that could mean $966 more at the grocery store compared to 2021.

A single woman between the ages of 19 and 30 could expect to pay a total of $3,457.74 on food in 2022, according to the forecast. A woman between the ages of 31 and 50 could pay $3,391.11.

Men aged 19 to 30, meanwhile, could spend a total of $3,971.15 on food. 31 to 50-year-old men could expect to fork up $3,779.50.

The report, produced by researchers from Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph, suggests that consumers could get the biggest shock in the bakery (forecasted price increase of 5% to 7%), dairy (6% to 8%) and vegetable (5% to 7%) aisles.

Researchers also warn Canadians could pay between 6% and 8% more at restaurants for the year.

As for the factors driving these increases, the Food Price Report lists several, including climate change, the "logistical disruptions" brought on by COVID-19 and higher energy costs.

"Supply chain disruptions and labour market challenges will persist in 2022," Alyssa Gerhardt, a Dalhousie Ph.D. student who contributed to the report, said in a press release.

"COVID-19 is still here. The food supply chain will continue to grapple with the cost of sanitation and PPE, high transportation costs and reduced maritime transport capacity, as well as decreased efficiency and disruptions due to closures."

But according to project lead Dr. Sylvain Charlebois the pandemic is only exacerbating an upward trend in grocery costs.

"It’s important for consumers to understand that food prices have been going up for some time, and there’s no turning back," he said.

"Our relationship with food is changing, and so will our food budgets."

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