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squid game candy

Thanks to the hit Netflix show Squid Game, a Korean candy engraved with shapes called dalgonahas gone viral on TikTok. And it's also flying off shelves in shops around the world — including in Montreal.

Whether you just want a taste or you're hoping to play the game featured on the show (hopefully minus all the blood and gore), check out these six Montreal spots that sell the sweet and spongy honeycomb treat, made with sugar and baking soda.

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Netflix'sSquid Gameis making waves around the world and Montreal is no exception. Just ask the owner of a Saint-Henri depanneur who says dalgona, a Korean candy featured on the show, is flying off the shelves.

Depanneur Chez Claude et Claudette owner Robert Kim, who was born and raised in South Korea, told MTL Blog he and his wife began making and selling the Korean treat on Saturday.

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