The Canadian Dime Got A Little Makeover & Here's What The New One Looks Like (PHOTO)

I guess this means people still use cash...

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The Canadian Dime Got A Little Makeover & Here's What The New One Looks Like (PHOTO)

Cash is becoming more and more scarce nowadays, but that didn't stop the Canadian dime from getting a little makeover. Released by the Royal Canadian Mint, the new dime celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Bluenose ship, a design that's appeared on these coins since 1937.

"For 100 years, Bluenose has defined the spirit of Nova Scotia. The skill and teamwork of Nova Scotians made Bluenose a world champion, as well as one of the most famous ships in Canadian history," said Pat Dunn, minister of communities, culture, tourism and heritage for the province of Nova Scotia.

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"This commemorative Bluenose coin will remind all Nova Scotians how our connection to the sea and our innovative spirit has created our determination to succeed."

Yves Bérubé is the Nova Scotian artist who gave the Canadian dime a new look. The design depicts the Bluenose with sails out, tilted to port in the open sea.

In a coloured version, the sea is tinted blue to evoke the North Atlantic. The years "1921-2021" also appear on all versions of the new design, celebrating the ship's 100th anniversary.

A total of 6 million coloured coins and 9 million uncoloured coins entered circulation on October 22.

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