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An Immersive Drive-In Theatre Designed To Bring Out Your Inner Child Is Opening In Quebec

It's showing only animated short films.
The Ciné-Parc Orford's Vroom! Is A Completely Immersive Fantasy Drive-In Experience

New drive-in theatres are popping up all over Quebec in response to a desperate need for safe summer fun. Some are even pushing the boundaries of the classic experience to offer guests unique adventures. Vroom!, a collaboration between the production experts at Moment Factory and the Ciné-Parc Orford, is one of them.

"Inspired by childhood stories," the special event reimagines the drive-in with light installations "that will immerse you in the world of lost tales for the span of an evening."

Guests are "encouraged to get creative, by dressing up as their favourite childhood story character, and even decorating their vehicle" to dive into the experience.

Each night for the run of the event, visitors will enjoy "a selection of animated short films from the National Film Board (NFB) collection" and "travel through a world of tales."

“As new owners of the Ciné-Parc Orford drive-in, we want to augment the visitor experience by using multimedia content in the context of a cultural family outing," Ciné-Parc Orford co-owner François Pradella explained in a statement.

"We’re proud to collaborate with Moment Factory to present an immersive audiovisual show that encourages all-age participation."

“At Moment Factory, we value the collective experience above all. Here, we wanted to create a cultural activity for local audiences with Canadian content that gives everyone a chance to take part in the experience,“ Moment Factory Producer Daniel Jean added.

Vroom! is taking place at the Ciné-Parc Orford between June 26 and July 12.

Guests will enjoy "one show per night, starting at sunset."

The program indicates that each show consists of multiple short films.

Entry is $50 per vehicle for a maximum of seven people.

Get all the details below.

Vroom! At Ciné-Parc Orford

Price: $50 per vehicle for a maximum of seven people

When: June 26 – July 12

Address: 2751, rue Roméo-Lacroix, Sherbrooke, QC

Why You Need To Go: For a completely immersive drive-in experience that'll bring out your inner kid.

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