The Government Is Auctioning Off A Ton Of Really Weird Seized & Surplus Items In Quebec

Some of it is dirt cheap.
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The Government Of Canada Is Auctioning Off A Ton Of Weird Items On GC Surplus

The Government of Canada might be the biggest junk collector in the country, accumulating hoards of seized items, old office furniture, and other random crap that comes into its possession. Enter GC Surplus.

The government uses the online site to auction off "surplus federal government assets" and "forfeited goods from federal and provincial law enforcement agencies" to the public.

All a potential buyer needs to do is register on the site to be able to bid on items that interest them.

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At the end of an item's auction period, it goes to the highest bidder.

In Quebec, there are plenty of cooky and intriguing items up for auction, each of them undoubtedly with their own storied histories.

Below is just a sample. Note that prices listed represent minimum bids as of the time of writing.

Also note that each auction lasts for a limited period of time. As a result, all of these items will likely soon disappear.

Happy bidding!


GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $51

Details: These snowshoes are currently at a lot in Baie-Comeau. Note that there's a foot strap missing on one of the shoes.

2016 Ford Explorer

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $7,500

Details: This is just one of the many, many, many cars currently on auction on GC Surplus.

This particular vehicle has a keyless entry feature, as well as a backup camera.

The buyer needs to be okay with a bit of damage, including torn seats, holes in the roof, and a missing centre console.

Bexley Canberra Men's Shoes

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $62.75

Details: These are just an example of the shoes listed on GC Surplus at a discount price. This particular pair is in its original packaging.

Sports Clock

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $20

Details: Need a decorative clock for a home sports den or building a new neighbourhood field? This could be for you.

127 Chairs

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $57.55

Details: For your ballroom or a really, really big game of musical chairs. Plus, they're stackable for easy storage!

664 Boxes Of Christmas Decorations

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $14,500

Details: Therearetons of Christmas and holiday items currently listed on the GC Surplus website.

This whole lot of 664 boxes will cost you thousands, but maybe there's a Christmas fanatic out there who's willing to spend.

Items include decorative candy and gingerbread houses, stocking holders, ornaments, decorative holiday trains, and stockings.

A Refrigerator

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $305

Details: Ideal for your dep or a home theatre.

A Bus

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $40,000

Details: If you're so over travelling the province in a sedan. Or, hey, why not convert it into a mobile home? There's already a toilet in the back.

27 Bottles Of Fantastik With Bleach

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $81

Details: A lifetime-ish supply of cleaning solution for $81 is not a terrible deal. Plus, if you buy that coach bus, there's plenty of room to store these bottles down below.

A Saw

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $227.50

Details: Buzz buzz.

Oversized Leather Blazer

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $125

Details: All you need now are some cool shades.

A Tennis Racket & Bag

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $77

Details: The racket comes with the travel bag. It could come in handy; tennis has been one of the few permitted sports during lockdown.

Lots & Lots Of Glasses

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $410

Details: 58 pairs, to be exact, plus 49 cases — a new look every day for two months.

A "Fibonacci Clock"

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $45.75

Details: You have to assemble it yourself, and it's not exactly clear where the clock part is in the photos. But it could make a good gift for the tinkerer in your life.

A Canadian Space Agency Utility Vehicle

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $4,272.20

Details: This vehicle used to belong to the Canadian Space Agency, so it may or may not have been used on secret moon missions (kidding).

One feature of note: the bed in the back tilts so you can dump stuff out.

It looks really fun to drive.

About 250 Clothes Hangers

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $25

Details: For the closet of your dreams.

Office Furniture

GC Surplus

Minimum bid: $130 for a set of 13 filing cabinets

Details: Here's just a sample of the office furniture on GC Surplus, most of which presumably comes from the federal bureaucracy.

You can also find chairs and desks on the site.

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