The Most Popular Dog Breed In Every Canadian Province Was Revealed In A Survey

A survey by dog food subscription service Kabo revealed the most popular dog breed in every Canadian province and there's a bit of a divide between east and west.

While the Labrador retriever was the favourite of Ontario (14% of dog owners), Manitoba (14%), Saskatchewan (15%) and Alberta (10%), and a plurality of British Columbia dog owners (11%) had a Golden Retriever, there was slightly more diversity in the east.

In Quebec (14%) and Newfoundland and Labrador (10%), the German Shepherd was the most popular breed among survey respondents.

The Shih Tzu reigned in Prince Edward Island, tied with the Labrador Retriever (22%).

Fourteen percent of respondents in New Brunswick and 17% of respondents in Nova Scotia had a Labrador Retriever, making it the most popular breed in those provinces as well, Kabo said.

The company reached 2,000 dog owners for the survey, which, "for the purpose of clarity," only collected data about purebred dogs, Kabo explained.