A Montreal SPCA Petition To Let Dogs On the Metro Got Over 2,000 Signatures In One Day

If this works, maybe people can stop hiding pooches In handbags. đŸ¶

A Montreal SPCA Petition To Let Dogs On the Metro Got Over 2,000 Signatures In One Day

If a group of petitioners have their way, dogs may soon be joining you on your daily commute. Earlier today, the Montreal SPCA launched a petition asking the city's transit leaders to let leashed dogs on the metro — and it's already racked up over 2,000 signatures.

"Access to public transit for people with companion animals is a priority issue for the Montreal SPCA," the petition reads. "Many major cities, both in Canada and elsewhere, have already changed their policy on animals in public transit; it’s time for MontrĂ©al to follow suit."

Since "the use of public transportation is being pushed now more than ever," the petition states that "access should be modernized" to accommodate all metro users, including those who have dogs.

The petition specifically calls on Mayor Valérie Plante and the Société de transport de Montréal (STM)'s new chairman of the board of directors, Eric Alan Caldwell, to change the rules and authorize leashed dogs on the city's public transport network.

Right now, the STM only allows you to bring a dog or pet on public transit if it's in a cage or another closed carrier designed for that purpose. Violators are subjected to a fine ranging from $75 to $500. But guide dogs and service dogs are an exception.

"Leashed dogs are welcome on public transportation in many major cities, including Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and San Francisco. This is also the case in large Canadian cities such as Calgary and Toronto. It's time for Montréal to follow suit!" says a Montreal SPCA Facebook post.

The post also gives examples of how dog-friendly rules could be implemented while maintaining some restrictions. For instance, it says, in Toronto, leashed dogs are only allowed on public transit during non-peak hours and, in Madrid, leashed dogs are only allowed on the last subway car.

The petition, called "Fido Wants To Take The Metro," is aiming to reach 10,000 signatures.

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