The Quebec Government Wants To Give 'New' Teachers An 18% Raise

Legault made various offers while negotiating with union leaders recently.
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The Quebec Government Wants To Give 'New' Teachers An 18% Raise

On May 2, Premier François Legault met with the province's main union leaders and the President of the Conseil du trésor, Sonia LeBel, to negotiate the collective agreements of Quebec government employees.

During this time, the Quebec government made various offers to the union leaders in hopes of the collective agreements being signed "in the coming weeks."

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In a Facebook post, Legault summarized the offers as follows:

"1. An 8% increase over 3 years for all government employees.
2. As promised in the election campaign, an 18% raise for new teachers.
3. A 23% increase for nursing home attendants.
4. 14,000 new full-time positions in the health care network."

The premier concluded his post by saying, "These offers are generous. They will improve the living conditions of employees and services to Quebecers. They are reasonable offers that respect Quebecers' ability to pay."

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