This IKEA Chair Is Being Recalled In Canada Due To Risk Of Injury & Here's How To Get A Refund

You don't even need a receipt!

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Someone holds up a receipt in the Montreal IKEA.

Someone holds up a receipt in the Montreal IKEA.

You sit down on your favourite office chair for another day at work from home, but just as you're getting comfortable, the world around you starts to turn and you fall to the ground. You've just experienced what 19 IKEA customers reported: their ODGER swivel chairs have been breaking, leading to five injuries in total.

The chairs' five-pronged swivel base has been detaching and breaking, which has now led to a recall of affected products. The ODGER anthracite grey with date stamps before and including 2221 are being recalled, and IKEA customers can get a refund for the dangerous devices.

Proof of purchase isn't required, so all you need to do is bring your chair to IKEA and ask for your money back, no receipt necessary. In the recall, IKEA says that it "develops its products using a rigorous risk assessment and testing program" to ensure that each product "live[s] up to all applicable laws and standards in the markets where they are sold," despite this little issue with the chairs.

Health Canada reported that approximately 3,000 units of the ODGER chair in the anthracite colour were sold between October 2019 and December 2022 — all of these chairs are eligible for a refund.


Recalled Product: IKEA ODGER chair in anthracite with date stamps before and including 2221.

Reason for Recall: "The star-shaped support base of the chair may unexpectedly detach, posing a fall and injury hazard," according to Health Canada.

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