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Montreal IKEA Workers Brought The Company's Starting Salary To $18.50/Hr After A Strike

It's not only the company's furniture that successfully assembles.

​An IKEA worker helps a customer check out. Right: An IKEA sign against a blue sky.

An IKEA worker helps a customer check out. Right: An IKEA sign against a blue sky.

A two-day strike by Montreal IKEA workers in May has resulted in a wage increase for starting salaries. The Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN) union representing IKEA workers announced on Tuesday that entry-level jobs will pay $18.50 per hour. The previous hourly rate was $15.60.

A whopping 80% of union members voted in favour of the wage increase at a general meeting on June 19. A new collective agreement with the company resulting in more generous pay is expected to bring in new workers and overhaul the old salary structure.

"Workers who are at the top of the scale will have a 5.5% increase in retroactive pay from January 1, as well as increases of 3% in 2023 and 2024. The revised salary scale means a wage increase up to 36% in some cases," the CSN wrote in a press release.

Within the next two years, all starting positions across the company will pay $18.50 per hour.

The union also confirmed 12-hour shifts for part-time employees, along with improvements to health and safety regulations and new retirement savings plans (RRSP) bonuses.

Workers turned down the company's proposal to make more use of outsourcing, and hire outside workers to do certain jobs.

IKEA workers in Montreal went on strike for 48 hours, from May 28 to 29, with the option of striking for a full 10 days. While the store stayed open, the food court, curbside pickup, and returns window had to close.

Until the new contract was confirmed, around 500 employees had been without a contract since last December.

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